Learn to love to read.

Wriveted finds books that match a child’s interests, increasing their desire to read and improving literacy.
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We’re an Australian startup and we’ve built a prototype to find the perfect book, but we’d like your help to make it so much more than that. We’re talking reading diaries, printer bots and data literacy.

How it works

Answer a few questions

Our chatbot asks some quick, fun questions about a child’s reading ability and interests.

We search the world’s best books

We scan the world’s best books, to find ones that best match the child.

Get a list of perfect books

We present the best book options instantly. If a book isn’t liked, we recommend another!

“74% of kids aged 6–17 say they would read more if they could find more books they like.

Kids and Family Reading Report, Australia

The Books

We focus on quality, award winning literature recommended by reputable organisations.

Why use Wriveted?

Children discover books using familiar media

Most book discovery services ask the reader what categories they are interested in. But categories are only part of the story. We look at style, tone, mood and many other characteristics to find a perfect book match.

And it’s quick.

And it’s fun!

An eight year old may not have the insight to know they like witty action adventures (who does).  So we use a conversational interface to ask children about the media they like, then map these choices to books.

See for yourself in our find a book prototype.