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Boy with books
Playing Favourites ABC Kids research study showing a child with their favourite things.


Discovering Reading

As a child I loved to read. So it came as a shock, when I realised my son found reading a challenge. I don’t really remember learning how to read, but I assumed my children would have no problems learning to read themselves. Now I know there are a myriad of different learning styles and not all of them take to reading easily.

During his first week at school, my then five year old son came home with a simple story book. We read the book together, and then I asked him to read it again. He got a pained look in his eyes and asked, “Do we have to? It’s boring.”
He was right.
Brown bear
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle uses repetition, suspense and surprise, along with strong and beautiful animal illustrations.


The Ingredients of a Children’s Book

What are the right characteristics for a children’s book that a child cannot put down? There are some tried and true favourites that most children like, but once they have read those, what then?

Think about the characteristics of the books that you love. Are the books dry, witty, dark? Children have particular tastes and interests that match categories like that too, and every child’s tastes will be slightly different. However these tastes do not necessarily map to traditional book categories.

So what?
The main problem is that children find it hard to find books they enjoy. And if a child does not enjoy reading, they are 11 times more likely to read below their age level. With reading ability comes the entry to an entire world of learning and knowledge – the ramifications are huge. The good news is that most children say they would read more if they could find books they enjoy.
The trick is finding a range of books that suit an individual child’s interests, at the right reading level. 
A dark, beautiful, whimsical adventure fantasy about hope, friendship and courage. It’s a rare child that does not like J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books.


Why Wriveted?

When I was a kid my mother took me to the library every week. During those visits I discovered a section in the library dedicated to fairytales. I loved those stories and I think I read every book on those shelves.
At Wriveted we want children to find that shelf of books they love. We analyse characters, emotion, style and tone to find books that are not just at the right reading level, but match the tastes of an individual child.
Our first design is a Find-a-Book Chatbot  – it learns a little about your child before recommending a set of books.  It’s created to work for both children and adults, although small children may need some help. Try it out, and let us know what you think. 

Meena Tharmarajah,
Founder, Wriveted

Our Team

We are parents who want to give our kids the best start in life. We are also an award winning digital team, and we have created some of Australia’s most well loved children’s apps. We want Wriveted to work for our kids, and for kids all over the world.

Meena Tharmarajah
Founder, UX Design & Research

Meena is a multi-award-winning Experience Designer and Researcher focussed on children and families. Her career as a maker and product innovator has spanned the realms of storytelling, games development and science, most recently working with world leading engineers at CSIRO’s Data 61. She has led research, idea development and production within teams at the Australia Broadcast Corporation (ABC) including development of the much-loved ABC Play School apps for iPad and the AACTA award-winning 3D online documentary, Gallipoli the First Day.


Caroline Kinny-Lewis
Product Lead and Strategy

Caroline has a wealth of experience in content development and digital production. She was lead product manager on Early Learning STEM Australia where she produced STEM apps for children, families and educators. She has created products for ABC Commercial and ABC Innovation. Some titles include Active Memory and Happy People, iView/iPad, and Bananas in Pyjamas. Notable awards include “Best of iTunes store in kids and education” and AMIA.