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Shopping lists can be fun. No really.

Turn shopping list writing into a child's literacy activity

16 December 2018, Caroline Kinny-Lewis

At Wrivited we are working on some everyday literacy activities and printables to help improve your child’s reading and writing skillsWe’re focussed on short easy to do activities that fit into busy lives. This week, we’re making shopping lists fun!

Handing over the weekly task of making a shopping list to your child can go a long way in helping them sound out words independently. You’ll be surprised at how many spelling rules are covered off with a few of the basics you buy all the time. Talking about these spelling rules and sounds within words helps children to become more aware of these patterns.

Shopping List Writing Activity

What you will need:

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Give your child the printed Shopping List Template or a piece of paper and pen.
  2. Ask you child to list each item to buy and the quantity required.
  3. Help your child sound out the words before they spell them.
  4. When you are in the store, ask your child to cross off items as you put them in the trolley. (Make sure you take the pen!)

Spelling Tips:

  • Rice contains the soft c sound because the “c” comes before the “e”.
  • Bread is interesting because unlike most “ea” vowel combinations it contains a short e sound.
  • Milk has the consonant blend “lk”. Help your child sound out the word slowly so they can really see and hear the blend.

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